How can I reserve?

You can fill in the form under our website
By phone, under 0039 0323 496080
By E-mail, under

How can I pay the deposit of my booking?

The payment has to be carried out within 7 days after receipt of the booking confirmation.
By credit card via our website in the section Online Payment.
With a money transfer.

I have received the booking confirmation, paid the deposit, what else shall I do now?

Fill in the form directly online.
Insert your personal data and those of all the people travelling with you to Camping Isolino.

Am I allowed to bring my dog with me?

In our accommodations and in the area "Village" dogs are not allowed.
In the area "Camping" dogs are allowed, also at the DOG BEACH. They must be kept on the leash but can't go to the pool, arena, playground and other beaches.
Dogs are on request and upon previous reservation!

How do I get to Lake Maggiore?

Follow our directions

I have reserved an accommodation, what shall I bring? What is there?

Sheets and towels are not there, if not specified otherwise, they can also be rented at the reception (sheets: € 8,00 for the double/ € 7,00 for the single; towels: € 7,00).
Pillows and blankets are at your disposal inside each accommodation. Cutlery and pots are also there.
The final cleaning costs € 40,00 / 60,00, but you can also carried out by yourself.
The kitchen stove and ware have to be cleaned in every case by you, otherwise € 20,00 will have to be paid.
It is absolutely not possible to put a tent outside the reserved accommodation.

What happens at the check-in? How does it work?

At your arrival all passports / identity cards must given to the reception.
You have also to indicate your car number.
If you have rent an accommodation, please show the receipt of your deposit and remember that a deposit of € 100,00 /150,00 has also to be paid, in cash only.
After the registration one passport will be kept till the final payment.

How can I pay?

You can pay your bill cash or by debit card or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
A cash maschine/ATM is also available on the premises.

At the arrival you will get the “PAYCARD”, an electronic card,  that can be charged only with cash money by some automatic machines on the campsite(Ricaricredit).

Any purchase made in our Captain Cook Restaurant, Jolly Roger Bar and Neverland Snack Bar can be paid exclusively via the “Isolino PAYCARD” or by debit card / credit card.

At the Supermarket, at the Ice Cream Island Parlour and for rentals at the beach you can pay with the electronic card PAYCARD.

Only at the boutique it will be possible to pay cash and by debit/credit card.

At the departure, the outstanding amount will be returned at the Reception.


Can I take my boot with me?

Yes, you have to reserve a mooring place at our jetty.

Any boat must be hung at the jetty. At the reception you can get the rules of Lake Maggiore that must always be kept on board.

All motorboats, that are longer than 2,5 mt, require an identification mark for Lake Maggiore.

Are there washing machines and dryers on the camp-site?

Yes, there are. Coins are sold at the reception (€ 4,00 each one).

Is a bathing cap mandatory in the pool?

Yes, it is. Bathing caps can be bought at the reception, in the supermarket or at the pool bar.

Can I grill?

Yes, you can. If you have rented an accommodation, don't grill under the veranda.

Which accommodations have airco?

All the accommodations have air-co (10 hours per day are included in the price)